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Working with the Over-Scheduled Child – with Larry Johnson

Working with the Over-Scheduled Child – with Larry Johnson

The topic of “The Over-scheduled Child” is becoming more and more important to music educators.  This podcast will provide you with concepts and tips about how to recognize this concern and how to adjust your teaching to minimize the effect of the over-scheduled child in your music program.


What do the “experts” say about the over-scheduled child?

Are we seeing any trends?

Looking each issue and opinion, are they valid?  What does the music educator do with those issues in mind?

In-depth considerations of the music program in regard to the over-scheduled child

  • Home practice
  • After school rehearsals
  • Concerts
  • Travel

How do we know when students are over-scheduled?

What are our expectation?  Begin with the question, “Are we participating to give our ensemble a first place in a competition or are trying to give our students a life skill?”

What are some practical tips for music educators to help the over-scheduled child?


Larry Johnson is both a pro saxophone player and a veteran band director.  He’s in his 33rd year as a middle school Band Director at St. Joseph School in St. Charles, Missouri.  He started its instrumental music program in 1985 with 45 students and has developed the program into five ensembles with more than 210 members.  He began working as a professional saxophonist at the age of thirteen, performing in area nightclubs, Jazz festivals and charitable functions for the last 38 years.  He’s performed on stage with Dizzy Gillespie, Louie Bellson, Rich Mattenson, Johnny Johnson, Brett Spainhour and local St. Louis musicians Carolbeth True and Jim Manley.   Larry has recorded over 40 times with various people and twice headlining his own recordings for the Victoria Jazz label.   He’s considered a “top call” studio musician in St. Louis, currently working with a variety of area groups including Carolbeth True, Fantasy, Charlie B Jazz and Wild, Cool and Swingin.   Larry also works as a clinician, adjudicator and private lesson instructor.


Ray Benton is the Technology, Media and Education Specialist for Nottelmann Music Co.  He is a former band director of 32 years who has worked with educators since 2004 on how to better teach music to students.