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Top 10 Tips for Your High School Vocal Music Program Parts 1,2&3 – With Mark Lawley

Top 10 Tips for Your High School Vocal Music Program Parts 1,2&3 – With Mark Lawley

About this Webinar –

No matter if you are a brand new or experienced high school vocal music teacher, you’ll find this THREE-PART webinar to be filled with tips and ideas that you can implement right away.  If you’re interested in professional development credit, each part carries one hour of credit after successfully passing the Verification Quiz.

Part One

Tip #1 – Begin the Year with the Idea of Class Voice in Every Choir.  A complete look at how to get all of your students on the same page with procedures, terminology, and vocal production.

Part Two

Tip #2 – Have a Choir Booster Club – A discussion of the benefits and cautions of adding this element to your program.

Tip #3 – Building Connection Outside the Classroom – The power of the hand written note, the power of the phone call, the power of social media, the power of supporting athletics.

Tip #4 – Your Choir Singing with More Freedom and Expression – Mark discussed certain books he has shared with his choirs that directly led to students singing more freely and expressively.

Tip #5 – Community Building Activities – Mark shares nine different activities that you can implement immediately and can bring your students together into one community.

Part Three – This part ties everything together. 

Tip #6 – Chose Music Beyond Your Student’s Ability – At first glance, this one appears to be a real “no-no,” but listen as Mark explains how this can work and the benefits to your students.

Tip #7 – The Power of Vulnerability – This could be the most important tip, where Mark shows how to greater vulnerability on the part of the director and students can be a real game-changer.

Tip #8 – This is What I Have to Offer Philosophy – It isn’t about showing off, it isn’t about beating the competition. It is about this is what I have to offer right here, right now – and it is enough.

Tip #9 – Think Outside the Rehearsal Room – Mark discusses in depth the how-to’s and benefits from state festivals, all-conference/district/state choirs, ACDA State/Regional/National Choirs, and performing for state (MEA) and regional conferences.

Tip #10 – The Crazy Path – Find out what it is, why it’s something to avoid, and how to make sure you don’t go down it!

About the Clinician –

Mark Lawley is in his 35th year as a choral conductor and enjoying his 19th year as the choral director at Willard High School. He has served as the president of Southwestern Division of ACDA, Missouri Choral Directors Association and South Central Missouri Music Educators Association. He currently serves MCDA as HS Choir Repertoire and Resources Chair as well as serving National ACDA on the National Standing Committee on Education and Communication. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and certificate recital award in piano from Evangel University followed by a Masters degree in conducting from Missouri State University. He is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda, NAfME, ACDA, MSTA, MCDA and MMEA.

Lawley is the founder of Springfield Summer Singers, Springfield Gospel Chorus, Springfield-Drury Girls Choir (now named Girls Choir of Springfield) Drury University Chamber Choir Festival, Boys Choir of Springfield Choral Festival and served on the founding board of Boys Choir of Springfield. He thoroughly enjoyed his post as artistic director of both Boys Choir of Springfield and Springfield-Drury Girls Choir both of which gave invitational performances at MMEA in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Today marks his 8th invitational performance at MMEA having given 6 MMEA performances with Willard Choral Ensembles. He enjoyed sharing the Willard Choirs in invitational performances at National ACDA in 2003 and 2007, Southwestern ACDA in 2008 and National NAfME in 2000.  MORE…

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Step Two –

As you view the webinars, we encourage you to take notes as you go along.  Feel free to stop the recording and rewind as needed.

Step Three – Download the Action Plan Template

Choose either format; Word Doc or Google Doc.  After considering the key points that you wish to implement, describe the point in the ACTION BOX select a date for the initial implementation.  Then, select a date that you plan to review and assess the success of the implementation.

Step Four –

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PART 3   

An 80% score or better will result in a Certificate of Completion emailed to the address you provide.  Those scoring less than 80% will be allowed to retake the quiz.  In order to do so, you’ll need to register in the quiz with an alternate email.

Step Five – Review the Follow-up Links and Materials Below

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Follow-up Materials

Books to Inspire Your Students, referred to in the webinar:

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