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Teaching the Over-Scheduled Child – with Larry Johnson

Teaching the Over-Scheduled Child – with Larry Johnson

About this Webinar –

This topic, Teaching the Over-Scheduled Child, is a very real and crucial topic.  In this important webinar, real-life situations and concerns are identified and discussed.  You will learn of the pro-con debate by experts on this subject and will be better equipped to make your own determinations regarding your own teaching.  Tips and ideas are presented that you can implement into your teaching tomorrow.

About the Clinician –

Larry is both a pro saxophone player and a veteran band director.  He’s been working as a professional saxophonist since the age of thirteen, and today, considered a “top call” studio musician in St. Louis who regularly performs live and headlines his own recordings.   Larry also works as a clinician, adjudicator and private lesson teacher.  As we record the webinar, he is in his 33rd year as a middle school Band Director at St. Joseph School in St. Charles, Missouri, an instrumental music program he started in 1985 with 45 students and has developed the program into five ensembles with more than 210 students.  In addition, he is in his 21th year as the Jazz Band Director at St. Dominic High School in O’Fallon, Missouri.

To gain the most benefit, please follow these suggested steps:

Step One – Download the Note Page

Prepare to either type your notes into the Word.doc or Google Doc and save the changes, or write in your notes by hand into a printed copy.

Step Two –

As you view the webinar, we encourage you to take notes as you go along.  Feel free to stop the recording and rewind as needed.

Step Three – Download the Action Plan Template

Choose either format; Word Doc or Google Doc.  After considering the key points that you wish to implement, describe the point in the ACTION BOX select a date for the initial implementation.  Then, select a date that you plan to review and assess the success of the implementation.

Step Four –

An 80% score or better will result in a Certificate of Completion emailed to the address you provide.  Those scoring less than 80% will be allowed to retake the quiz.  In order to do so, you’ll need to register in the quiz with an alternate email.

Step Five – Review the Follow-up Links Below

For further study related to this topic, you are encouraged to review these links to articles which were cited in the webinar.   

Overscheduled Child May Lead to a Bored Teen – WebMD, by Sid Kirchheimer

The ‘overscheduled’ child: Is being busy really so bad? – The Washington Post, by Andrea Orr

The Pressured Child – Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D. with Teresa Barker