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BEYOND THE BLUES – Insights into Jazz Ensemble Literature, Score/Part Preparation, and the Editing Process – With Mike Parkinson

BEYOND THE BLUES – Insights into Jazz Ensemble Literature, Score/Part Preparation, and the Editing Process – With Mike Parkinson

About this Webinar – From the NPD Webinar Jazz Series

Jazz band score editing?  Why would you need to do that?  How do you get a handle on understanding all of the styles, arrangers, composers, and publishers so you can effectively prepare to teach jazz band music?  In this webinar, Mike will systematically take you through what you need to know as well as show why carefully editing the score and parts is so important and such a time-saver.  Whether you are a seasoned jazz educator or one that’s brand new to that role – whether your ensemble rehearses daily or just once or twice a week – this webinar is WELL WORTH your time!  Due to the large amount of valuable content, we’ve divided this webinar into two parts with separate one hour PD credit available for each part.

Part One – Topics and points in this segment include:

  • Selecting Jazz Ensemble Literature
  • The Research and Discovery Process
  • Arranging Techniques Fount in Many Big Band Works

Part Two – Topics and points in this segment include:

  • What do you want it to sound like?
    • Key music and technical attributes regarding era?
    • Stylistic and technical differences of bands, composers, or your favorites?
    • What makes (these) artists or your favorites distinctive?
    • How to teach this information to your students?
    • Consider the curiosity factor
  • Why Edit Jazz Ensemble Scores and Parts?
  • Questions and Answers Regarding Editing
  • How Mike got started with editing
  • Key Points in Editing – What do I need to be aware and what might I have to fix?

About the Clinician –

Dr. Mike Parkinson is a professional trumpet player, conductor, educator, and consultant in metro Kansas City. He most recently served as Director of the School of Music at Middle Tennessee State University where he founded the IMPROV Ensemble and taught courses in jazz studies. He performed with the MTSU Jazztet on tours of China in 2017 and 2018, and was named Guest Professor of Performing Arts at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music. As an Educational Specialist for Bach trumpets and Conn-Selmer, Mike has appeared as an adjudicator, clinician or performer at events all across the United States. He is the author of “BASIE, BEBOP, BALLADS & BLUES,” a nationally published jazz ensemble repertoire guide, and “BEYOND THE BLUES,” a guide to jazz ensemble literature, score and part editing, on which this webinar is based.  MORE…

To gain the most benefit, please follow these suggested steps:

Step One – Download the Note Page

Prepare to either type your notes into the Word.doc or Google Doc and save the changes, or write in your notes by hand into a printed copy.

Step Two –

As you view the webinar, we encourage you to take notes as you go along.  Feel free to stop the recording and rewind as needed.

Step Three – Download the Action Plan Template

Choose either format; Word Doc or Google Doc.  After considering the key points that you wish to implement, describe the point in the ACTION BOX select a date for the initial implementation.  Then, select a date that you plan to review and assess the success of the implementation.  In order to do so, you’ll need to register in the quiz with an alternate email.

Step Four –

PART 1     

PART 2   

An 80% score or better will result in a Certificate of Completion emailed to the address you provide.  Those scoring less than 80% will be allowed to retake the quiz.

Step Five – Review the Follow-up Links and Materials Below

You are encouraged to review these links for further study related to this topic.

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More Follow-up Materials and Links

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Links on the following available soon:

  • Hunsberger, Donald. “Score Study and Preparation.” The Instrumentalist 35 (August 1980): 17-25. Hunsberger creates a checklist conductors can use during score study and preparation. He includes a glossary of terms for the checklist provided. He also includes a large number of illustrated examples to clarify score marking.
  • Hunsberger, Donald. “Score Study and Preparation: Part II.” The Instrumentalist 35 (September 1980): 34-39. Hunsberger continues with his checklist. Hunsberger now addresses one additional topic of making notes in the score. He then uses a musical example to walk conductors through the checklist which gives conductors an idea of how it’s supposed to work

Recommended Books:

Reach out to Mike Parkinson