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Transitioning Back to In Person Lessons

Transitioning Back to In Person Lessons

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Fall semester kicked off this past month. We started online for 2 weeks to prepare for transitioning back to in person lessons for those who chose to. About 75% of my families chose to transition, the rest are staying online. Because I have limited room in my teaching area, we are continuing all group style lessons/classes online at least for now. (This includes camps and workshops) And because I will still be teaching 25% of my students online, it was important to have an easy “hybrid” set up where I can switch between an in person lesson to an online lesson at the drop of a hat, so to speak. (It just takes me a minute!) In today’s music teacher tip I share steps and precautions taken, things I purchased and guidelines that I set.


Below are the items I mention in this video to help with transitioning back to in person lessons… (affiliate links may be included) Feel free to ask me any questions you might have in the comments.

Not mentioned in the video but also recommend…

  • Tonara– I have always written down my assignments, but this year I knew that I really couldn’t continue doing that. I use Tonara to type my lesson assingments in as well as send videos, PDF’s, audio files, digital sitckers, etc… for students. They are now in the habit of going to Tonara to check what they need to do that week. It has truly become a time and life saver.  (Want to try it a month of Tonara for free? Use the affiliate code: musiceducatorresources20 which will also give you 20% off for a year should you decide to sign up later.)
  • My Music Staff– I forgot to mention this as well in the video. My Music Staff is what I use to communicate with my parents. I always reconcile the lesson each week so they know how it went, etc… This is where they view the calendar, invoices, etc… I truly couldn’t run my business without it. Get a free month here with my affiliate link if interested.


COVID-19 Guidelines Sample This is the guidelines I used for anyone who chose to transition to in person lessons. You are welcome to use whatever you would like in your guidelines. I hope it helps!