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Top Ten 2020 Posts at The Nottelmann Blog

Top Ten 2020 Posts at The Nottelmann Blog

In 2020, there were over 100 quality articles, videos, and podcasts published at The Nottelmann Blog.  With SO many quality and diverse posts to choose from, here are our picks based on quality, topic, and popularity.  We highly recommend that you view and share each one.

#1 – Making Jazz Easier for Your Students (and Yourself)

– A Nottelmann Exclusive, With Rob Babel

Whether your jazz ensemble meets daily or once or twice a week – whether you have years of experience or you are new to teaching jazz – you’ll find lots of tips and ideas in this webinar on jazz ensemble best practices.  This is a blog version of our complete webinar, located at NPD Webinars.

This discussion includes items from his recent clinics at a Missouri Music Educators Annual Conference and the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, where Rob includes audio and video examples of ways you can plan for success.  Rob is a highly respected music educator and clinician, currently serving as Director of Bands at Fort Zumwalt North High School.  WATCH

#2 – The Ultimate Beginning Band Instrument Demo

Excite your new and prospective students with these beautiful, outstanding performances from members of the US Army Field Band.

  • The band instruments are presented in score order.
  • All display characteristic tone quality.
  • Kid-friendly demonstrations and explanations.
  • Royalty-free access via the US Military.
  • To allow complete flexibility in your demonstration, the video clips are available in the following ways:
    • Individual instrument clips
    • All of the instruments are heard together, final bars of the Stars and Stripes Forever
    • The complete single demonstration video contains all of the performances without stop, in score order


#3 – Five Tips for New Band Parents:

Helping Your Child Practice

Parents of beginning band students often ask me how they can help their kids with practicing their new instrument. While many parents don’t hesitate to step in and help their kids with subjects like math or English, I have spoken to many parents who feel uncomfortable stepping in to help their kids practice because they feel as if they aren’t qualified to do so. Regardless of a parent’s experience with a musical instrument, there are 5 things that every parent can do to help their kids have better practice sessions.


#4 – Tips for Teaching Embouchure in Beginning Band

– from Band Directors Talk Shop

“Spend time now to save time later” is a great quote, especially when it comes to teaching embouchure to beginning band students.  Preventing bad habits early is key to a successful start on any instrument. Following is a list of 6 practical tips for teaching embouchure efficiently and effectively from day one.  MORE…

#5 – Complete Guide to Zoom Audio Settings for Music Teachers

And we do mean complete!

Curated from Midnight Music – by Katie Wardrobe – Even the music teachers most experienced with Zoom will learn something new in Katie’s complete article on Zoom for music educators.  MORE…

#6 – What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Band Director

A special message for prospective band directors or those who prepare them for teaching

For those of you that prepare music-ed students to go out and teach band or find yourself in an advising role to young prospectives, here’s a short but eye-opening article.  It’s hard to disagree with anything on these lists, resulting from a recent survey of band directors in the field.


#7 – Advice for Parents & Young Musicians

A Video by Lauren Haley

In this video, Lauren prepares the parent for the incredible journey in front of the young musician and gives excellent advice on how they can enjoy the journey together.  WATCH VIDEO

#8 – 8 Tips for Teaching Orchestra for the Non-String Player

Curated from JW Pepper – by Kathryn Griesinger

Perhaps you’re a long-time band director asked to start a string program at your school. Or you’re a first-year teacher looking at limited job options that may include any combination of band, chorus, or strings. However you find yourself in this situation, the lack of a string playing background shouldn’t deter you from taking on the position of orchestra director. Being prepared and willing to learn can lead to an extremely rewarding teaching experience. Here are a few tips and resources to get you started:  MORE…

#9 – Teaching Online with Better Audio – with Evan Brown, Presonus

An exclusive PODCAST-PLUS version of our webinar from Nottelmann Music

The learning-from-home scenario that began in the spring of 2020 forced music educators into online teaching.  Here’s how to be professional, avoid the pitfalls, and learn the best practices of teaching with quality audio – a blog version of our webinar with Evan Brown, Education division at Presonus.  WATCH

#10 – Organizing the Chaos: Managing the Middle School Choir

Curated from by Developing Voices Author Jennifer Berroth

I’ve heard it said that teaching middle school puts one at the front of the line for sainthood. We’ve all had days on which we have earned that status. I have been teaching middle school choir for seven years, and in that time I have witnessed the full spectrum of adolescent behavior; from the sweet to the disrespectful, from the silly to the hyper-focused, and sometimes just chaotic madness. Classroom management is more of an art than a science; it requires flexibility, reflection, and attention to detail. I don’t have all the answers, but thought I would share some practices with which I have had success.  MORE…

These excellent posts could have easily been part of our Top 10

5 Tips for Getting Started with Technology Integration in Music

Curated from Midnight Music – by Katherine Miller and Alison Capelle

There is a difference between seeing the possibilities of integrating technology into your classroom and actually doing it!  Many innovators and early adopters of technology integration can make the task seem daunting.  Resist no longer!  Here’s how to start!  MORE…

What I Learned as a First Year Band Parent

Here’s advice for new high school band parents, an account of a band parent looking back over that first year

With the school year coming to an end, I find myself taking a step back and reflecting on what I learned as a first-year band parent. Having no experience with high school band prior to this, I was basically a deer in headlights for the first half of the year. This post is to pay it forward for all future band parents out there who have no idea what they are in for. You’re welcome!  MORE…

16 New & Powerful Choral Pieces to Help Students During Hard Times

Curated from Cued In – Programming is so essential.  Here are great suggestions for RIGHT NOW!

Music has always had the ability to inspire and heal wounds, and now many songs are taking on a new meaning as teachers and students alike face uncertainty. Pieces with universal themes of strength and hope are particularly helpful during such times of challenge.

This year Pepper’s Editors’ Choice selections for pop, stage and screen include a number of inspiring choral pieces with a modern feel and engaging messages that should resonate with students. Here is a look at 16 compositions on that list:  SEE LIST

End the Practice Battle at Home

A Video Message For Parents

Having trouble getting your child to practice their instrument at home?  You’re not alone! Super-Mom and Resonate Music teacher extraordinaire, Stephanie Nhan, shares 5 easy steps to help end the practice battle at home.  WATCH VIDEO

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