Technology for Music Educators

Ray Benton, our resident Technology and Media Specialist with expertise ranging from product selection and system design to teaching tips and pedagogy concepts, is here to help music educators incorporate technology into the classroom. Contact us for more information or to set up a training session for you, for your department, for your district.

Missouri Music Educators Conference 2017

Technology Session: Here's What You Need To Know In 2017

In January 2017, Ray Benton presented this session at the Missouri Music Educators Conference. The following topics contain complementary links and information as reference and supplement to the presentation.

The complete session video "Here's What You Need To Know In 2017" is available on YouTube: VIDEO

Thanks to all of our contributors to this session, including:

Michael Canning, Cadon Technical Sales
Micah Blouin, PreSonus
Benjamin Middleton, Seckman High School
Joshua Rhine, Festus Intermediate School
Mary Roach, Bayless High School
Debra Row, Antonia Middle School
Joe Simino, Seckman Middle School

Technology Accordian

Complete Technology Session

Here's What You Need To Know in 2017

Complete Technology Session: VIDEO

Director Help with Notion 6

Notion 6 (PreSonus) is an easy-to-use and affordable notation tool.

  • Introduction: VIDEO
  • Using Notion with "Strokes Plus", a gesture application for mobile devices: VIDEO

Recording In The Classroom

  • Recording Your Ensemble with high quality video / audio recording: VIDEO
  • Recording Your Ensemble In The Classroom [Festus Intermediate Choir]: VIDEO
  • Ensemble Recording With the AudioBox Stereo: VIDEO
  • PreSonus solutions for audio recording: WEBPAGE

General Music Labs

  • The PreSonus Music Creation Suite via YouTube: VIDEO
  • PreSonus Music Creation Cirriculum: WEBPAGE
  • PreSonus Lesson Plans and Video Tutorials: WEBPAGE

Sound Systems for Marching Band

Field audio brings a new dimension to the recording process.

  • Local music educators tell why PreSonus from Nottelmann Music is a GREAT CHOICE: VIDEO
  • PreSonus offers a range of field recording solutions: WEBPAGE

Piano Labs

Mary Roach (Bayless High School) has installed the Yamaha Piano Lab, an affordable format that puts the emphasis on teacher/student interaction in the learning process.

  • Recording Your Ensemble with high quality video / audio recording: VIDEO

Elementary and Vocal Music

Introductions and demonstrations from Joshua Rhine [Festus R-6 Intermediate]:

  • Camcorder and Shure Mics, Student Projects, Recording/Playback With Choir [Video coming soon!]
  • Recording Student Projects: VIDEO

Technology for Practice and Assessment

Technology offers new revolutionary approaches to boost practice and allow educators to assess progress.

  • An introduction to "Step Up Your Practice": VIDEO
  • "Step Up Your Practice" from PreSonus: WEBPAGE

Mixer-based Recording

Recording from a mixer offers a classic hands-on approach to audio capture.

  • Joe Simino (Seckman Middle School, Fox C-6) offers more information on this technology: VIDEO

Computer-based Recording

Computer-based recording offers a powerful way to capture music digitally.

  • Debra Row (Antonia Middle School, Fox C-6) offers an introduction to this technology: VIDEO

Web-based Teaching Tools

This session topic, presented by Benjamin Middleton (Seckman High School, Fox C-6), introduced Google Classroom and Charms Office Assistant as valuable virtual teaching packages.