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Nottelmann Music Co. carries a complete line of percussion products, spanning countless brands and covering students to professionals, and can also present a wide selection of options to beginning and intermediate string players

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We offer a wide selection of student level drum and percussion instruments that are available for rental or purchase. Whether you are looking for a snare drum kit, percussion bell kit, combination snare and bell kit, 3 octave Xylophone, or 3 octave practice Marimba, we can get your student the correct instrument for their school needs. If you are looking to purchase your own full size Xylophone, Marimba, etc..., we have these available on a special order basis.

We also stock a host of other instruments to fill your percussion needs, whether it's professional Tambourines from Black Swamp or Grover, cymbals from Sabian or Zildjian, or one of the countless percussive necessities from Latin Percussion or Meinl.

See below for some of the brands that we carry.

We offer student level Violins, Violas, Cellos, and upright Basses for rental or purchase. Intermediate Violins are available for purchase.

See below for some of the brands that we carry.