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Our Featured NPD Webinar

Our Featured NPD Webinar

Pathways for Funding Music Education – with Mike Kamphuis, Conn-Selmer Clinician

About this Webinar –

Music educators have so much to consider when building a quality program, and many times this area of managing the physical assets and planning for growth gets neglected.  Watch the webinar and learn how to apply Mike’s strategy he calls “The Four Pillars to Support Your Program.”  Those PILLARS – Recruitment and Retention, Asset Management, Budget Creation, and Advocacy/Justification are explained in detail.  Once you’ve viewed the webinar, you will learn how to take the next steps to build a strong program on those Four Pillars. 

Mike is interviewed in this webinar by Ray Benton, Technology and Media Specialist for Nottelmann Music, presented to the Kirkwood School District Band Staff and recorded live.  Rebecca Friesen is the Director of Bands for the district.


About the Clinician –

MIKE KAMPHIUS is the Managing Director of Conn-Selmer’s Division of Education.   Mike has put together a program of planning, developing, and managing music programs which is now used by hundreds of schools across the country.  He has presented on this topic at 15 different conferences including the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.