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Planning for Next School Year—Pandemic or Not

Planning for Next School Year—Pandemic or Not

Curated from Smartmusic’s The Music Educator Blog – by Elisa Jansen Jones –

This week’s episode recaps a webinar I recently hosted that wasn’t really a webinar at all! Not a lesson, not a lecture—it was a work session. I brought on my friend and colleague Jessica Peresta to help walk us through exactly how to plan for next school year—no matter what the situation will be.

One of the biggest struggles right now is dealing with the anxiety and fear around what the next school year might look like. Will you have to implement social distancing? Will you be entirely online? Will things be back to normal, but hopefully a lot cleaner? The key to feeling secure is having a secure plan.

It’s my belief that by having a plan to submit to your admin, you are demonstrating initiative which can be a great tool for advocating for your music program, showing exactly how prepared you are to comply with whatever mandates you are given in support of your students. We will cover contingency plans for every situation you might be faced with next year so you can go back to teaching with ultimate confidence.


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