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Music Ed Mentor Podcast #67: Copyright

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #67: Copyright

Curated from Smartmusic’s Music Educator Blog – by Elisa Janson Jones –

This episode is all about copyright. As we all know, you can do anything you want with music you create, but in this episode we’ll give you some very much needed clarity about what you can and cannot do with music you didn’t create.

Copyright has been such a hassle, a blessing, and a curse for music educators and navigating it all can give you massive anxiety. We’ll share some horror stories in this episode, but don’t worry. Today’s guest is arranger, composer, conductor, publisher, and copyright expert Steve Martin.

Steve is going to help us with decisions surrounding real-life situations: streaming our performances, copying our folios, arranging our own pop tunes, or burning CD’s. Not only will we cover what NOT to do, we’ll also learn how to get the permissions to do all that we want and more – legally.