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Managing Student Behaviors

Managing Student Behaviors

Curated from Smartmusic’s The Music Educator Blog – by Elisa Janson Jones –

Today we’re pulling another pre-pandemic recording out from the archives for you to enjoy. With in-person classes imminent, I want to share with you this discussion I had with my dear friend, Lori Schwartz Reichl. You can find Lori’s outstanding resources on managing your music program on her blog, Making Key Changes. She is a master of classroom management, and in this episode we talk about how to set up your classroom for success and how to create a plan to manage student behaviors. 

This is more important now than ever, with students returning from a year of mostly self-paced, at-home instruction. It’s going to take vigilance to ensure they feel safe, secure, and sure of our classrooms right from the start. Lori helps us discover how we can look at our teaching space with an eye for managing student behaviors, how to establish proper rehearsal etiquette, how to build and rebuild relationships with our students, and what to do when those students are not behaving in a way that serves their learning environment.