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How To Use the Yamaha Harmony Director In Your Program – “The Most Important Piece of Equipment You Can Own!”

THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE POSTING ON THE HARMONY DIRECTOR!  Find out why Dr. John Zastoupil, Director of Concert Bands at Missouri State, describes the Yamaha Harmony Director as “the most important piece of equipment you can own!”  View this EXCLUSIVE Podcast-Plus that takes your right into the Missouri State rehearsal room as John demonstrates how the HD works and how to use it every day in your program.

Find out why it is effective with:

  • Any age – college, high school, middle school, elementary.
  • Any ensemble – concert band, jazz band, marching band, choir, or orchestra.
  • Any sectional.
  • Any individual music student.

(Note: Because much of this podcast was recorded at a high school in session, you may notice a few very short incidents of nearby cell phone static.  But the content is so good, we hope you won’t mind it!)

Dr. John Zastoupil is currently the Director of Concert Bands and Assistant Professor of Music at Missouri State University, where he conducts the Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Springfield Youth Wind Ensemble, and Community Band.  He teaches courses in graduate conducting, wind literature, and score study, and he guides all aspects of a comprehensive concert band program of five concert ensembles.


Ray Benton is the Technology, Media and Education specialist for Nottelmann Music.  A veteran band director of 32 years, Ray has worked with music teachers seeking to implement technology since 2004.


To get more info on how to own The Yamaha Harmony Director or use it in your program, email Ray.

Special thanks to Rebecca Friessen and Kirkwood High School for hosting this recording.

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