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Easily Add A Practice Room Workstation

Easily Add A Practice Room Workstation

By Ray Benton, Technology and Media Specialist, Nottelmann Music

How would a practice room music workstation benefit your students?  By opening this post, you’ve come to the right place to find out!  The music workstation is a great way to use technology to make student practice time more effective, efficient, and fun!

Nottelmann Music can get you set up with one affordably!  And as with all of our music education technology from Nottelmann’s, you’re not alone.  We’ll guide you every step of the way:

  1. We’ll help you configure The Presonus-Nottelmann Bundle to meet YOUR needs
  2. We’ll give you guidance and advice as you set up your new practice room workstation
  3. In many cases, we can provide on-site training on how to best implement it into your music curriculum

So how does it work?  What are those benefits for student musicians?  There are limitless pedagogical applications – watch as this video shows you just a few!

This short video only shows a small portion of the possibilities and applications.  To see more, including jazz transcription, advanced recording techniques, and more, CLICK HERE.

Your Basic Nottelmann-Presonus Bundle includes:

  • M7 high quality large diaphragm recording mic
  • Audiobox 96 USB interface
  • HD3 Headphones
  • Studio One Version 4 DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) recording software.

Optional additions to your bundle:

  • Choice of midi keyboard – 25, 49, 61, or 88 key
  • Presonus Eris E 3.5 desktop studio monitors
  • Notion 6 notation software

Questions?  Need more info?

Ray Benton

Ray Benton is Nottelmann Music’s Technology and Media Specialist, with 32 years experience teaching band a several years experience working with music teachers in implementing technology.