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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Mike a Marching Band?

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Question: How do I mike a marching band?

Answer: It’s that time of year again when high school band directors really start kicking it into gear, getting everything ready for the upcoming marching band season. They should have already selected the music they will be playing and started choreographing the show. The site for band camp has been selected, staff and chaperones are ready to go. The director or their designate is also thinking about how to properly mike the band during its performances. You would think that one hundred kids on the field beating on drums or blasting away on brass horns would not need to be miked, but there are a couple of reasons why (or when) this is necessary.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How do I Mike a Marching Band?

Miking a live performance

During live performances it has become quite necessary to mike certain instruments so that they can be heard over some of the other louder instruments. Please see our previous blog post about how to mike a band for a live performance.

Miking for video

When creating a video of a performance, the camera’s onboard microphone may not be adequate to provide the sound you want. Please see our previous blog post about how to mike a marching band for video.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what it takes to mike a marching band. As always, feel free to contact the Audio-Technica Audio Solutions Department for more information.

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