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10 Bandroom Tips – For New Band Directors

10 Bandroom Tips – For New Band Directors

Curated from Jupiter, Mapex, and Majestic Educational Resources –

Here are 10 selected tips for the new and experienced band directors alike.


Bandroom Tip #1: Keeping Track of Auxilliary Percussion

Bandroom Tip #2: Breathing for Young Low Brass Players

Bandroom Tip #3: Training Low Brass…Ear Development

Bandroom Tip #4: Helping Your Flute Students to Play In Tune

Bandroom Tip #5: Inventory

Bandroom Tip #6: Tuning a Flute

Bandroom Tip #7: Tell Them How to Practice

Bandroom Tip #8: Engaging those in the back of the room…

Bandroom Tip #9: Students Not Playing in Class?

Bandroom Tip #10: Involve More Students with the Timpani

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